ONline Studies

We want to encourage everyone to continue to be in God's Word and with His people during this time of self-isolation.  As a result, we are building a page dedicated to various ways you can grow in your faith and continue to study the Bible.  This page will continue to change and grow as we have more to share, so keep checking back!

Transformed by his presence

If you are participating in our online Bible study,

click the link(s) below to download and print the worksheet for the session you are watching or follow the link to the video on YouTube.

Intro Session Worksheet - released April 1st, 2020 (video link)

Joshua 1 Worksheet - released April 8th, 2020 (video link)

Joshua 2 Worksheet - released April 15th, 2020 (video link)

Joshua 3-4 Worksheet - released April 22nd, 2020 (video link)

Joshua 5-6 Worksheet - released April 29th, 2020 (video link)

Joshua 7-9 Worksheet - released May 6th, 2020 (video link)

Joshua 23-24 Worksheet - released May 15th, 2020 (video link)